Microsoft Continues Mouse and Keyboard Support for Windows in 2025


The year is 2025. Computing has long since passed the desktop age, the laptop age, the mobile age, and is in the implanted chip stage, when every user now can choose a computing chipset that is implanted into their body. These chips interact with sensors found at any location (work or play) that a user […]

Parody Video Says “S” in iPhone 5S Means More of the “Same”


Apple’s flagship iPhone that will be introduced this Tuesday in Cupertino, California is rumored to be called the iPhone 5S, but what does the “S” in 5S stand for? In the past, there were speculations that the “S” would stand for security, hinting at the underlying fingerprint sensor technology that Apple would be embedding underneath […]

iPhone 5 Promo Video Parody Highlights Major New “Features”

iPhone 5 parody

Forget the thin iPhone 5 design, a new parody video highlights the major new iPhone feature in a “leaked” iPhone 5 promo video that’s too funny not to share. After Apple announces a new product the company quickly releases a video showing an executive talking about the new gadget on a white background. Adam Sacks takes this […]

CEO Swapper: If Only This Was a Real App


Goodness knows I could use some humor these days, and this post from Scoopertino fills the bill. Too bad the App isn’t the real deal, though. CEO Swapper is supposedly an App from HP and contains all the elements you need to replace your CEO and find a new one. The proprietary CEO Seeker™ technology […]

The Gmail Man: Microsoft Parody Video Makes Fun of Gmail Ad System

The Gmail Main

Microsoft created a mildly amusing parody video making fun of the Google Gmail system of looking at the content of your email and producing targeted ads based on the content. While the video is kind of funny, it highlights a variation in the approaches Google takes versus Microsoft. Being an advertising company, Google produces products […]

Features of This ‘iPad 2′ Will Blow You Away

Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 9.38.04 PM

While Apple has yet to announce its second-generation tablet computer, there has been a lot of hype about the device, it’s form factor, and it’s specs. One Apple fan has taken upon himself to create a video parody of what Apple’s iPad 2 will look like and how that tablet will function, and the results […]

Onion Parody Gives Us Google Whisper Ads in our Ear


Very funny, and most likely because it is probably being worked on as we speak. Keep in mind the world things it can advertise anything and thereby keeps promising us free, free, free, if we’ll digest all those ads. Well this Onion parody points to Whisper Ads on the Google Phone. Yes, the phone listens […]

Parody: The Doritos Tablet

Parody_ The Doritos Tablet |

Whether or not the iPad succeeds or fails, parodies have certainly reached an all time success rate. Check out the Doritos Tablet. Very spicy and very funny.

Sun Newspaper Parodies Apple Ads to Good Effect

Too much fun. Apple is probably smiling because being parodied means you’ve had a successful impact. But then again, maybe not. With print newspapers fighting for their lives, it is fun to see The Sun going right after the mobile tech competition with this ad.

Parody: Apple Unveils Its Latest

While Apple fans and everyone else eagerly await what will be unveiled later today by the big fruit. Here’s a little parody fun from The Onion featuring the Apple Wheel. This was out awhile ago, but Rex Hammock’s post brought it back to life.   Check out the prices on the show room cards and […]

Parody: Apple Gets Pulled from Google Search Results

Apple is taking it on the chin when it comes to parody today. First was this wonderfully funny satire from The Onion of the entire Apple fan boy culture featuring an invisible iPhone called the 3GI. I understand that 3GI was actually ranking high in search results after this came out. And speaking of search […]

Onion Sendup of iPhone Worship is Hysterical


This should bring guffaws from anyone who thinks iPhone mania has gone too far, and at least chuckles from those who hold “their precious” too close to their hearts. Parody news masters at The Onion, have put together a wonderfully delicious send up of the entire iPhone craze that features the release of the new […]