3 Smart Watches Worth Wearing

The Pebble is one of the top smart watches to look at.

Smart watches are not new, but they’ve improved dramatically since they first jumped off the wrists of science fiction characters and onto store shelves. The new round of smart watches are able to connect to the iPhone and Android smartphones to deliver alerts, access to information and in some cases even act as a camera […]

Pebble Starts Shipping Watches, iPhone App Delayed

Pebble CES 2013 6

The Pebble Team announced it will begin shipping the first Pebble smartwatches today, but only 500 will ship today and iPhone users will have to wait for the Pebble app to arrive on their phone. While the production line is currently producing between 800 and 1000 Pebble watches everyday, the team’s fulfillment center only have […]

Pebble Smart Watch Gets A New Color And A Delay

Pebble Smart Watch orange

The Pebble Smart Watch is running into a typical Kickstarter problem where overfunded projects face delays after the campaign ends. The Pebble team recently announced on Kickstarter that it won’t meet the estimated September shipping date it had since the start of the campaign. The cause for the delay is essentially because the device was […]

Pebble Smart Watch Might Support iPhone SMS Notifications In iOS 6

Pebble Gains Bluetooth 4.0, Kickstarter Pre-orders Ending Soon

When Apple announced iOS 6 at WWDC last week it showed a few slides with a number of small improvements. One of those small new features might be important for future Pebble owners. According to Razorian Fly, a new feature called “Bluetooth MAP support” could mean the Pebble Smart Watch will be able to read […]