New Pebble Time: Major Upgrade, Affordable Price

Pebble Time

There’s a new Pebble smartwatch in town, and for the first time, it comes with a color e-ink display. Called the Pebble Time, it’s the company’s third-generation smartwatch that succeeds the original Pebble, as well as the Pebble Steel. Some of the big features of the new watch include the color display, seven days of […]

Pebble Watch SDK Now Available Alongside OS 1.1 Update

pebble charging cable connected

The Pebble SDK is now available, giving developers a chance to create their own apps or watch faces for the smartwatch. The new Pebble SDK opens the Kickstarter smartwatch to anyone who wants to create their own app for it. Those apps can include something mundane like a new watch face for the small e-paper […]

I’m Not A Watch Guy, But I’m Buying the Pebble Watch

I'm Not A Watch Guy, But I'm Buying the Pebble Watch

I had to clear out quite a few cobwebs in my head before I could recall the last time I wore a watch. I believe I was 10 years old at the time and my Dad bought me a watch from the Jungle Cruise gift shop at Disneyland. I wore it for maybe a month […]