Tablet + Phone bundles coming from ARCHOS + ALCATEL


Momentum for the phone + tablet combo keeps building, and this time it’s not just matter of mixing and matching your own pair of devices. Rather, tablet maker ARCHOS is partnering with phone maker ALCATEL ONE TOUCH to offer bundles of their respective wares.

Phone + Tablet combo idea picking up steam


Dylan F. Tweney at Wired’s Gadget Lab has proclaimed “A Tablet Plus a Feature Phone Would Be Mobile Bliss”. I don’t know about that, but yeah, I agree a phone + tablet combo is a pretty good idea, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my idea (okay, maybe I am).

Concept METATREND SmartBook pairs tablet with keyboard/phone


The name is a lawsuit waiting to happen, but the concept is brilliant, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been thinking the same thing. Behold the SmartBook, a concept phone + tablet combo by METATREND that pairs a slate tablet with a phone handset that folds out into a QWERTY keyboard.

Apple eyeing new platforms for iPhone OS


The guys at Computerworld were apparently thumbing through the classified ads recently (on their touchscreen devices, not newspapers, of course) and stumbled upon an interesting posting by Apple for an engineering manager to “lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms.” New platforms? Color me intrigued.

Does the iPad open the door for an iPhone nano?

Earlier I commented that the iPad expands Apple’s mobile platform upward, giving higher-end, premium-priced apps a venue apart from the larger, crowded, competitive, price-slashed iPhone app market. But for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Thus, I wonder if Apple’s next step will be to expand downward with a smaller, feature light […]