Samsung Tops Android with 63% of Device Market Share

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Review -  006

As many of you already know, Android is the world’s largest mobile OS, and Samsung is the leading its charge with the popular Galaxy and Note range of devices. While the Galaxy S3 and S4 have been the biggest rivals for Apple’s iPhone, a new report today confirms something else we already knew, which is […]

Consumers Want More Autonomous Vehicles

Google Self-Driving Car

Cisco recently released the results of the Cisco Customer Experience Report, which focused on automobile purchasing and the experience of driving. It was a global study that featured 1,500 respondents across 10 countries. Some of the results are not surprising: 83 percent start their purchasing research for a new vehicle online. Other results are surprising: 46 percent of respondents […]

Current Crop of Smartphones are Most Reliable…Unless You Drop It!


A recent study released by SquareTrade says that the current crop of smartphones are the most reliable ever, with iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry all having resolved many of the manufacturing glitches that had plagued the platform and their respective devices a few years prior. Fast forward to 2010 and in just two years, Square Trade […]