Siri Eyes Free Coming to ’14 BMW Models

siri eyes free button

BMW has announced that they will be offering Siri Eyes Free functionality to all 2014 models via an update to its ConnectedDrive Internet service. ConnectedDrive allows drivers to utilize apps like Pandora, as well as receive Google mapping data. Delivered over-the-air, the Eyes Free functionality should be easy to roll out across the line. The […]

Adults Text While Driving More Than Teens!

Pond5 Stock Media Texting While Driving

A recent survey by AT&T has been released which shows that adults text and drive a great deal more often than teenagers. What is worse is that the adults know that texting while driving is wrong, but that they continue to do it anyway! In the survey over half of adults admit to texting while driving. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Galaxy S3 Get S Voice Upgrade From Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3 S Voice Drive From Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 owners can install the latest version of S Voice from the Samsung Galaxy S4 without waiting for an official Samsung release thanks to a leaked installation file. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a new version of S Voice that includes a car mode called S Voice Drive, […]

iPhone Focused Car Integration Arrives: Will Luxury Autos Suffer?


After Samsung’s recent announcement of their new Galaxy S4 phone, the mobile landscape has been slightly altered once again. During the introduction of the S Voice Drive, Samsung has made it clear that it is targeting Apple’s Siri Eyes Free, and is attempting to improve on the design. However, as I watched the event, and wrote the […]

Samsung Attacks Eyes Free with S Voice Drive on the Galaxy S4


During Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S4, a shot was fired directly across the bow of Apple and their Eyes Free technology. S Voice Drive is a new feature of the Galaxy S4 that allows full voice control of the navigation system integrated into the phone while still maintaining distraction-free driving. Performing almost all the […]