Intel’s Merrifield Could Be a Huge Smartphone Game Changer in 2014


At the Computex show, chip-maker Intel had shown off designs for its latest chipsets for high-end computing as well as for more power conservative smartphones. Merrifield, which is an Atom processor based around a 22 nm design, is one such chip that Intel was showing off, and the silicon could have a huge impact in […]

Microsoft Outlines Sensor Support on Windows 8


Microsoft had just outlined plans for supporting various types of sensors in Windows 8, which will also be available in tablet format to compete with consumer tablets running on Android or the iOS mobile operating systems. As such, sensors will not only help to add to the user experience of Windows 8 slates, but as […]

Are There More Bionic Similarities Between the Droid Bionic and Bionic Limbs?


Your smartphone today, such as Motorola’s aptly named Droid Bionic, may share in a lot in common with the artificial limbs and body parts of tomorrow. In fact, development in processors, networking, camera, and sensor technologies used in today’s advanced and high-end phones may be applied to developing artificial legs, bionic eyes, and insulin pumps […]

Fujitsu Robotic Teddy Bear with AI Helps to Keep Elderly Company


Fujitsu brought a teddy bear, a working concept for the company, aimed at keeping the elderly and aging population of Japan company. As a companion device, this teddy bear is more fuzzy and welcoming, with its softer materials, than the harsh metal terminator-style look of Sony’s old Aibo dog. The teddy bear has a number […]