Intel Will Power MacBooks for the Foreseeable Future

Apple not switching to ARM

Last week we reported on a rumor that Apple would be ditching Intel processors for the competing ARM processors, a move similar to the Apple’s jump from PowerPC processors to Intel in 2006. The rumor was met with some som skepticism, but not┬ácompletely┬áruled out as it would have provided Apple with something the company loves […]

Apple Migrating to ARM for Entire Computing Lineup?


Apple is speculated to be moving its entire computing lineup with its laptops and desktops to the ARM chipset and away from Intel’s architecture. The recent rumor being reported by SemiAccurate would mark Apple’s second transition to a newer chipset in its desktops and laptops, first from PowerPC to Intel, and now if true from […]

HP Kills Windows Home Servers, Time to Put a Fork in WHS….


HP’s out of the Windows Home Server market once it sells out of its current stock of MediaSmart servers. It seems like just yesterday that Microsoft and HP were trying to explain why everyone needed a server at home. I own a pair of HP MediaSmart servers, but will be putting them out to pasture […]