Android for Touch, Chrome for Keyboard


Engadget had asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt how Chrome OS would fit into the equation with the rising popularity of Android at the Web 2.0 Summit, and Schmidt’s response is that Android is geared for touch while Chrome will be targeted at devices with keyboards. Schmidt went on to say that because both operating systems […]

Earthquakes, AshClouds, Oil Spills, Floods, and iPads


Some events alter the landscape forever and, as humans, our reactions to those events often alter them even more in the aftermath. The last few months have seen some large events visited on the planet by Mother Nature and at least one by man. And of course when it comes to earthquakes, volcanoes, and flooding […]

Asus to Deliver a SmartBook After All


Here’s a 180 degree turn for you. Asus had said they weren’t going to be moving into the SmartBook market. Apparently at an investor conference yesterday, Asus honcho Jerry Shen turned that ship around and said to look for an entry into the SmartBook market in the first quarter of 2010. What I’m reading at […]

Learning about Moorestown from Intel

Several of our blogging colleagues sat down with Anand Chandraseher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Ultra Mobility group at Intel and tossed him some questions about Intel’s Moorestown platform, Smartbooks, power usage, Windows compatibility and more. Worth a listen to. The folks asking the questions include: Steve from Joanna from LAPTOP […]