First World Problem: NFL Will Ban Video Streaming at Super Bowl


There are first world problems and there are first world problems. This is certainly one. The NFL is going to ban video streaming at Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. The reason? Well, we all know that large groups of folks gathered in one place clog up the bandwidth and make connecting through mobile devices tough. […]

Super Bowl 2013 Companion Apps

super bowl game program

With Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49’ers and the Baltimore Ravens starting in a matter of hours, we wanted to share some recommendations for apps to install on a smartphone or tablet to help readers enjoy during the game. We already shared how to watch the Super Bowl while mobile on Android and […]

How to Watch Super Bowl 2013 on iPhone

Watch Super Bowl 2013 on iPhone

Watching Super Bowl XLVII on the iPhone is a simple task thanks to apps from Verizon and a cool gadget that can stream home TV to an iPhone or iPad with no monthly fees. On Sunday February 3rd the San Francisco 49’ers take on the Baltimore Ravens and even if you can’t be at home or a friend’s […]

How to Watch Super Bowl 2013 on Android Phones


Super Bowl XLVII arrives this February 3, and fans of their favorite team will be rooting for their team to win the the big game. Other NFL fans just want to enjoy the spectacle of one of the biggest sporting events of the year. All of our friends will likely talk about the big plays, […]