Intel, Samsung Investing in Digital Voice Startup Expect Labs

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Intel, Telefonica, and Samsung are have announced that they’ll be making strategic investments in Expect Labs, a company that hopes to use its research to extend the speech capabilities of mobile devices and provide predictive search results even without the user asking for the search. The investments, all three of which originated from their respective […]

Sony Shows Off Firefox OS on Xperia E


During Mobile World Congress Sony pledged its support to the new Firefox OS, and now it has a video showing an experimental of the OS running on the Xperia E. The Firefox OS ROM for the Xperia E is only intended for developers interested in building apps for the new platform, and isn’t meant for […]

Mozilla Announces First Developer Firefox OS Phones

Firefox OS Developer Preview phones

Today Mozilla announced the first developer preview phones for Firefox OS will go on sale in February for anyone interested in creating apps for the platform. Mozilla partnered with Geeksphone and Telefonica to make two developer preview Firefox OS smartphones: a low-end model and one that’s closer to the mid-range. The low-end phone goes by […]

Telefonica Chides Nokia for Expensive Lumia Windows Phone Pricing


An executive for Telefonica spoke out against Nokia’s new Lumia handsets, which are the debut handset from the Finnish phone-maker to run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, as being too expensive. The carrier executive notes that if Nokia intends on gaining market share, “they need to bring out devices which are cost-competitive.” However, the pricing […]