5 iPhone Apps to Save Hundreds on College Textbooks

Course Smart

The price of college is a stretch for many, and the cost of college textbooks is just as much of a stretch. As a first year college student I am quickly realizing what it is like to live the life of a financially stretched individual. After paying¬†tuition, room and board and other fees I still […]

Amazon TextBook Rentals Launch, Can They Compete

kindle textbook rentals

Amazon just took another bite out of the remaining college bookstores, with the announcement of the Kindle Textbook Rental program. The new way to get the textbooks students need at a fraction of the price. Can Amazon convince students to ditch their paper textbooks and jump from the current digital textbook¬†front-runner CourseSmart? The Kindle Textbook […]

Kno’s Single-Screen and Dual-Screen E-Reader Tablets Ship Today


Kno indicated yesterday that it’s single-screen and dual-screen Linux-based tablet will be shipping today, Tuesday. The company’s tablets, unlike other mass market tablets, will mostly be geared as a textbook reader that’s targeted at the educational market with Web browsing and note taking support. The basic single-screen version will cost $599 and the dual-screen version […]

Textbooks Coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch


It looks like the Amazon Kindle DX will have some competition in the textbook market. The AppleBlog is linking to a Wall St. Journal report (subscription required) saying that 12 major textbook publishers including McGraw Hill and Pearson will be making their wares available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The program is being operated […]