Wacom Unveils Bamboo Pad Trackpad for Writing and Drawing


Wacom has announced the Bamboo Pad. It’s the company’s latest Bamboo product that looks to take on the desktop trackpad market by releasing a device meant for drawing and writing digitally on smaller surfaces. The Bamboo Pad has functions similar to that of the Magic Trackpad, with a full touch-sensitive surface and gesture support, but […]

Synaptics Introduces Force As New Dimension of Touch With ForcePad

Lenovo with in chassis retro-fit

With the launch of Windows 8 around the corner in October, Microsoft partner Synaptics, which has been known for its touchpad and creating touch screens on a variety of mobile devices, is showing us how the touchpad–or trackpad–is being re-imagined for touch. Not only will the click pads on laptops and ultrabooks for new Windows […]

Google Trackpad Patent Hints at Lapdock Accessory for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?


Google had recently filed a patent for multitouch trackpad gestures, potentially bringing new functionality to Chrome OS and the company’s Android OS. However, another potential, rather than the merely using Android on a laptop or desktop system, would be the trackpad as an application for Google’s scalability feature that comes with the next-generation Android 5.0 […]

Combo External Hard Drive and TrackPad is Intriguing


Interesting. Red Ferret Journal is linking to an intriguing combo concept featured on Yanko Design. The Lacie Float It is a both and external SSD drive and also a trackpad. While it makes sense on some levels, I’m not exactly sure of the benefits of an external trackpad for the mobile set, but I have […]

MacBook Air Review Part 3: Keyboard and Trackpad


In this portion of my multi-part MacBook Air review I’m going to discuss the laptop’s keyboard and trackpad. Yesterday I mentioned that the MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever used (MacBook Air Review Part 1). One of the major reasons that I call it that is because of its trackpad and keyboard. There […]

Are You a Clicker or a Tapper?


Multi-touch on Tablets and slates have taught us all to tap to have our devices spring to life and execute our wishes. But on Notebooks, Netbooks, Laptops, and Desktops clicking is still all the rage. Until recently, the Mouse has been all about clicking, and trackpads (with or without buttons) have been as well. But […]

TouchFreeze stops accidental touchpad taps


When it comes to touchpads, I’m all thumbs. When my fingers start pounding out words, my thumbs can’t avoid that touchpad in its typical placement dead center below the keyboard. Thus, I keep mine turned off most of the time. But that may no longer be a problem with TouchFreeze. Annoyed when you are typing […]

Fujitsu Adds a Multi-Touch Trackpad


Looks like Fujitsu wants to get into the multi-touch trackpad game. The P8020 ultra-portable will have one on board so you can pinch, navigate, rotate pictures, etc… using two fingers only though, from what I’m seeing. There are buttons. You’ll have to look pretty deep under product features to see this touted on Fujitsu’s product […]