SCOTTEVEST Hidden Cargo Pants Review

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*+-The SCOTTEVEST Hidden Cargo pants may just be the perfect pants for geeks. They look pretty similar to khakis sold by mainstream brands, but have 10 pockets and compartments, which means you can pack several mobile devices without having to endure the indignity of wearing a man purse. I’ve worn SCOTTEVEST gear for the past five […]

SCOTTEVEST Expedition Review: Another Great Jacket for Mobile Geeks

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*+-SCOTTEVEST (SeV) started off with making fleece vests and jackets several years ago and has since diversified its product offerings. The SeV Expedition is my most recent outerwear purchase and it came with some unexpected features that outdoorsmen and law enforcement officers will appreciate. So why did I buy the SeV Expedition jacket? I like […]

SCOTTEVEST Carry on Coat to Help Beat the Airline Baggage Scam

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*+-Flying has been a lot less friendly since airlines implemented tougher limits on baggage and charging from checked bags. A new SCOTTEVEST jacket is designed with enough pockets to store everything most people would pack on a weekend trip. The SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Carry on Coat has 33 pockets, including a couple of large ones that […]

How to Pack for a Trip with No Luggage


*+-Rolf Potts is on a bag-free journey around the world. I’m drawing some inspiration from his videos, both in terms of packing lighter and planning my next trip. In a video post, he shows us exactly how he packed up his ScottEvest clothing with his gear. The only gadgetry he brought with him to blog […]