Lenovo’s LePad Sequel Will Be Slimmer, Coming in Fall

lenovo lepad

While the Lenovo LePad–which may be known in the U.S. as the Skylight tablet–won’t be shipping until June, Lenovo CEO¬†Yang Tuanqing is letting people know that a LePad 2 will be slimmer than the original and will be arriving just a few months after that in the Fall. LePad is already currently shipping in China […]

Lenovo Unveils LePad Android Slate and U1 Windows 7 Hybrid


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo has taken the wraps off the LePad tablet, an Android 2.2-based slate with a 10.1-inch display and weighing in at less than two pounds. The half-inch thick tablet will be available in a variety of different colors: scarlet, white, and brown and black textured leather. In Android mode, the […]

Weird Friday Afternoon News on Lenovo UI or LePad or What Have You


Fridays are always weird when it comes to news. Most companies don’t release anything new on Friday because, well, that’s usually a good way of getting a story buried as most folks in the media, and increasingly the blogosphere have packed up their keyboards and headed to the weekend. But this little tidbit surfaced today […]

Lenovo Jumps on Android Bandwagon Delays UI Hybrid and Skylight


Apple sure created a revolution with its iPad alright. But not the one anybody was really thinking it would. Tablet/Slate manufacturers were all set to follow Apple’s path, but as it stands now, while they may be working on “me too” products, plans keep shifting and things keep getting delayed as they try to compete. […]

Lenovo Tells us about Tablet and ThinkPad History as a Tease


Lenovo is teasing up a storm in Tablet land. In the accompanying video, a Lenovo Exec reminds us that Lenovo (IBM) worked on Tablets early on and that’s actually where the ThinkPad name came from. Lenovo has been using Twitter to continue the tease promising something new is coming soon. Will it be a slate? […]