Dell, The Mini 9 and Vodafone

We’ve posted about the possibility of Dell’s new Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook being subsidized by Telcos in the future. It looks like if you live in Europe, you might be first on the list to see for yourself. That won’t be until later in September, but according to this article from Crave, Vodafone will partnering […]

Raon Digital Everun Note Previewed

Jenn at Pocketables is linking to  (fire up your translator of choice) where they have their hands on the Raon Digital Everun Note and have posted up quite a few pictures of Raon’s small notebook (not Netbook) that is capturing a lot of attention. The comparison shots next to the MSI Wind and the […]

Raon Digital Everun Note Priced at $879

Fascinating. Is it a Netbook or is it a UMPC or is it a low priced laptop? Things are murky enough in trying to distinguish between Netbooks (or whatever you call them) and other ultra-portable devices. Certainly price is one of those distinguishing factors, or at least looks like it is going to be. Raon […]

Fujitsu U820 – 11 Hours With Extended Battery

With all this talk about battery power, let’s have another dose of it today…  Fujitsu’s U2010, or U820 in the US, looks like it’s going to pack full day (almost) of power with an extended battery. Akihabara News is reporting that there is going to be an extended battery for this device that will let […]

GBM Podcast#57: Truc Revs Up

New GBM Team member, Truc Bui, is revving up to produce some great content here for (not to put any pressure on or anything) and I’m excited to see what he comes up with. I’m especially excited to see his Back To School InkShows. Want to know what he’s thinking? Give a listen to […]

OQO Says Atom at IDF Isn’t a Product Announcment

OQO users got excited yesterday when word came from IDF that Intel was showing off an OQO running the Atom processor, but hang on just a second. OQO’s Dennis Moore is saying in the OQO forums that this isn’t a product announcment. Folks — Yes, indeed, that is an OQO prototype shown with an Intel(r) […]

Is OS Implementation a NetBook Differentiator?

Good friend Kevin Tofel is offering a good hypothesis in his thinking about the land of NetBooks (or whatever you want to call them.) Simply put Kevin thinks that the hoops a typical out-of-the-box user has to jump through to install additional applications other than what is included by the OEM might be a big […]

GigaByte M528 Now Available For Order on Expansys at $685

Well, this one has a few folks excited. The GigaByte M528 now has a real price of $684.99 and looks to be shipping soon from Expansys for US customers. The site says it can be ordered on request which I take to mean you plunk down your cash and you’ll get your hands on the […]

Acer Aspire One: Let The Modding Begin

Well, I haven’t seen the Acer Aspire One since my wife unboxed it as she’s using it constantly but I doubt she’ll go as far as tnkrl who is already deep into modding Acer’s NetBook (or whatever you want to call them.) If you want to see how to pop the Aspire One open and […]

Raon Digital’s EverRun Note Is a AMD Dual Core Device

Keeping things confusing on the naming front Raon Digital’s EverRun entry into the UMPC/NetBook craze is called the EverRun Note. Of note about the Note is that it is packing a AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core 1.2GHz chipset. Supposedly we’re looking at a September release. > Check out these other specs: CPU AMD Turion 64×2 Dual […]

Pocketables Reviews the Willcom D4

Call it the Willcom D4 or call it the Sharp WSO16SH. Either way call it interesting. Jenn at Pocketables has put together a nice review of this Atom device running Windows Vista. This device has attracted a lot of attention due to its small size and supposed power. Jenn actually thinks it runs Vista satsifactorily […]

GBM InkShow: Thomasin and the Acer Aspire One

Well as I posted on Saturday I did pick up an Acer Aspire One Netbook or whatever you want to call them) at Circuit City, and I finally managed to convince my lovely wife, Thomasin, to take some time after her busy performance schedule this weekend to shoot an unboxing and first look InkShow, which […]

Acer Aspire 1 at Circuit City

Kevin Tofel reports on jkOnTheRun that Acer’s Aspire 1 Netbook (or whatever you want to call them) is now on the shelves at Circuit City. At least in some places. Kevin saw it advertised in the weekly newspaper flyer from Circuit City. I headed over to our local CC on my way to the theatre […]

Laptop Magazine Mini-Review of the Gigabyte M912

Joanna Stern at Laptop Magazine has posted a mini-review of the GigaByte M912V ultra-portable (or whatever you want to call them). She finds some things she likes and some things she doesn’t, which I’m guessing is going to be a continuing theme as we see more and more of these small devices hit the market. She’s […]

Going Mobile Down By The Bay

I remember being in high school and being totally envious of smart kids like those from Amador Valley High School. They have formed a Robotics club to work on autonomous undersea vehicles, competing ( and placing!) against the likes of large universities from India, Japan, and the US.  How cool is that! Powering their sub […]

Hands On With the Fujitsu Lifebook U2010

Those interested in Fujitsu’s new Lifebook U2010 might want to start following UMPC Fever. Joe has his hands on the device and is starting to issue reports and post pictures.   Tags: Fujitsu+U2010

Solar Improvements

Steve Paine at has an interesting post for all the sun worshipers detailing how his solar charging UMPC setup has changed from one year ago.  As things usually go, his solar charging UMPC setup appears to have become a little less complicated and more streamlined.  Steve decided to use the Samsung Q1 Ultra rather […]

GBM Podcast #55: We’ve Got Another Matt

      Meet the Marshall. Actually, meet Matthew Dillon, one of our newest GBM Team Members. Given that he likes to be called Matt, and we’ve already got Matt Faulkner running around here someplace, I think I’ll call Matt Dillon the Marshall. (Now let’s see how many of the younger folk can keep up […]

Asus Prepares an Avalanche of New Eee PCs

Holy cow! As if there wasn’t already a plethora of Asus Eee PCs to choose from, Asus’s roadmap for world Netbook domination looks it plans to steamroll the competition (and consumers?) with more choices than you can count. Breaking things into three categories, Ultimate, PRO Fashion, and Smart Casual, I count 23 different models in […]

Asus R50A UMPC Paying a Visit To The FCC

It looks like the Asus R50A UMPC is going through its FCC rite of passage, which may mean it could soon be available in the USA. The R50A runs a Silverthorne processor and has a SSD and 3G radio included. I wasn’t impressed with the form factor at CES 2008 as the device felt very […]