Boy Genius Reviews The HTC Shift

Whether or not it is selling (or legal to) in the US, and even though it has dropped off the radar for many, The HTC Shfit still continues to attract interest. The Boy Genius Report has published a full review with some interesting pros and cons about the device now that they have been hands on. […]

UMPC Meetup at CeBit Looks Like A Good Time

It certainly looks like there were quite a few UMPCs and mobile devices on hand at the UMPC Meetup at CeBit, sponsored by VIA Technologies. And it certainly looks like Steve “Chippy” Paine was in his element, surrounded by about 40 attendees as well as all those devices. Read more about it on UMPCPortal.   […]

The Asus R70a UMPC: Another Slate UMPC

jkkmobile and Steve “Chippy” Paine, the CeBit boys, managed to get quite a bit of good video at CeBit, including this one of the Asus R70a and the R50 UMPCs. Between the Asus UMPCs and the GigaByte M700 UMPC, at least there are some slate (meaning no keyboard) UMPCs about to be on the market. […]

The $300 Gecko UMPC

According to Bjorn Stromberg, the Gecko UMPC, which is priced at $300 is targeted at the developing world and is designed by Norhtec, some of the same folks who came up with the OLPC. It will run Linpus Lite. Running VIA’s C7–M CPU at 1.0GHz it comes with a 40GB HD and up to 1GB […]

The CeBit Boys and The Clevo UMPC

jkkmobile and Steve “Chippy” Paine teamed up at CeBit to check out the MID and UMPC news and have been feeding the world some reports. They are promising more to come and if this tag team approach is any indication, we should find out what “new” news there was (I really didn’t see a tremendous […]

It Is All Over But The Crying: Apple SDK

Rob is still having difficulties downloading the iPhone SDK, probably because the servers are slammed, and yesterday he posted that ““Apple grabbed the UMPC/Mid Market and took it away.” I have to agree with my friend and colleague and even go further. Apple opened a big door with the announcement and shut quite a few […]

HTC Shift Available in the US

It looks like the HTC Shift is finally available in the US. At least one on-line retailer is advertising it. On The Go Solutions is showing the HTC Shift as in stock and available for the steep price of $1629.99. Intriguingly if you click on the details and accessories link, you’ll find the GBM early […]

Panasonic’s ToughBook UMPC Running on Atom

Here’s an interesting looking rugged form factor. Pansonic is showing off their Atom-based (formerly Sivlerthorne) ToughBook UMPC at CeBit. What’s intriguing about this form factor is the keyboard that places the numeric keyboard in the middle of the keyboard, splitting up the QWERTY alignment. According to Impress this rugged UMPC is headed for a fall 2008 […]

GigaByte M700 UMPC: What’s This? A Slate?

Yesterday’s CeBit reports brought news and pictures of GigaByte’s M700 UMPC. And guess what, no keyboard. That’s right, a slate UMPC. Most thinking and most of what we’ve seen in the last several months had left those looking for keyboardless slates wanting, but if GigaByte can make the M700 UMPC go, at least there will […]

Gail Levy and TabletKiosk Does CSI NY

Well, don’t look for TabletKiosk’s Gail Levy on an upcoming episode of CSI New York, but she did get to spend some time behind the scenes of the show on a recent trip. She talks about it on her blog, Mobility Matters, in her ongoing series chronicling her Tablet Tuesdays. She drops the news that […]

The Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium at CeBit

jkkmobile and Steve “Chippy” Paine continue their CeBit coverage with this video of the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. Not they did some video recording and editing during their testing. Don’t forget to check out our GBM CES videos of the Q1 Ultra Premium here and here. >   Tags: Samsung+Q1+Ultra+Premium+UMPC, UMPC

The Samsung Anycall SPH P9200 Hands On Video

Intriguing. Very intriguing. The Samsung Anycall SPH P9200 has caught many an eye is the last 9 months or so, and now we’ve got some pretty good video to examine it with thanks to Bjorn Stromberg at I have to say as a convergence device that includes a phone, and with that foldable keyboard this […]

HTC Shift Giveaway at The Boy Genius Report

The Boy Genius Report got their hands on an HTC Shift and did an unboxing. Now BGR is giving one away if you head here and leave a comment. I hear they are shipping in places in Europe (for real) but still no word here in the US.   Tags: HTC+Shift

Inventec UMPC 7-A Pics from CeBit

Nothing like seeing a device under glass at a trade show. jkkmobile has some pics of the Inventec UMPC 7–A from CeBit. Check out more here. Tags: Inventec+UMPC+7-A

Asus R70a Hands On has some good pictures and hands-on reports on Asus’ newest UMPC – the R70A Specs: 1.6 ghz Centrino Atom – reports are that is slow, like a 900 mhz Celeron 1024 x 600 hard touch screen Embedded 3G 4 hour battery life

Intel Announces Atom

Silverthorne and Menlow have officially been named Atom and Centrino Atom, respectively Press Release: The Intel ® Atomâ„¢ processor will be the name for a new family of low-power processors designed specifically for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and a new class of simple and affordable Internet-centric computers arriving later this year. Together, these new market […]

WIPTE 2008 in October

I have been to WIPTE the past 2 years and I can say that it’s been a great place to hang out and meet other Tablet PC folks focused on education.  This year’s event has now been scheduled for October 15-16 and information is up on their site. WIPTE is open to anyone with an […]

Juiced Up Eee PC

This probably voided his warranty, but an enterprising hacker by the name of ‘guryhwa’ has posted details of how he replaced his Eee PC’s Celeron processor with a Pentium-M. Note, this technique is not for the faint of heart…

HP Orders Up 2 Million Compaq 2133 UMPCs

Well, I guess that’s confidence. HP must think they’ve got a winner on their hands, and I’m surely hoping they do. According to reports from DigiTimes they’ve ordered up 2 million of the yet to be released Compaq 2133 UMPCs that we and everybody have been following. As Engadget points out, that’s 10% of HP’s […]

Tango X Adds Touch to NanoBook Design

We got a chance to see the NanoBook reference design for ultraportables at CES, including the tote along removable Skype phone. The Tango X from Sungjut follows that design spec, but is adding a Touch Screen, and an intriguing way to handle some of the complaints about a screen that doesn’t fold down or flip […]