Microsoft Surface Pro Price Confirmed


Microsoft finally confirmed the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro today, revealing that the 64GB Surface model will cost $899 while the Surface with 128GB of storage space will check in with an expensive $999 price tag. The details were revealed today on Microsoft’s official blog wherein Panos Panay, the General Manager of the Microsoft […]

Microsoft Surface RT vs Surface Pro: Which Is Right For You?

Microsoft Surface tablet

The Microsoft Surface RT is finally on sale starting at $499, but Microsoft has another version of the tablet on the way in a few months that power users might want to wait for. The Surface tablet that comes out on October 26 is the Windows RT version of Surface. It uses an ARM processor […]

The Three New Flavors of Windows 8: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT


Microsoft has been known–and mocked–in the past for its numerous and often times confusing variants and versions of its Windows release, encompassing students, home users, professionals, corporate users, and enterprises. With Windows 8, the company is simplifying its releases, taking its Windows 8 release down to just three variants to address various users. For the […]