Kevin Tofel takes a look at Vista on the M205 Tablet PC

Kevin Tofel does a really good job giving an overview of Vista, Glass, and Tablet PC functionality on a Toshiba M205 Tablet PC.  Glass functionality was made possible through a registry hack and video card update, and it certainly wont’ be something current M205 will want to do, but it certainly gave Kevin enough of […]

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet PC commercial

I’m sitting here watching 24 on Fox and I just saw the coolest Tablet PC commercial featuring the Lenovo X41 Tablet PC . What is really cool about it was there was ink dripping all over the place — almost looked like oil . Honest — the coolest tablet pc commercial I’ve ever seen. I’m […] interviews Martin Smekal, CEO of TabletKiosk ….

– Opening up conversations between vendors of all sorts in the Mobile arena is something that gets us excited at We really want to see people ask and get answers from both sides of the sales channel. What makes it even more exciting is when a CEO or other major player not only accepts […]

Review of the DocuPen RC800 Pen Scanner

I’ve been using the PLANOn DocuPen RC800 for about a month now, so I thought it would be a good time to post my final review. If you have any questions after reading the review, please post them back as a comment. I’ve organized my review into Pro / Cons, two sample workflows, and then provide some […]

Another new UMPC / Origami device?

– I picked this up from a Google search, so the information is a bit sketchy, but Stuff Magazine in the UK is reporting a new entrant into the UMPC market, the “H70″ from ECS, a Taiwanese company. I noticed a similar post on UMPCBuzz as well. Here is the image attached to the Stuff […]

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #16

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with a discussion about, the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).  Listen here        

Where are the other players?

I’ve been giving this some thought over the past week and I’m wondering: where are the other Tablet PC OEMs in this whole UMPC thing. Samsung is the most widely known OEM out there, followed way behind by Asus. Samsung is primarily known for its’ cell phones, though. I had no idea who Founder was before […]

Founder UMPC specs on …

– The folks (the infamous Heiny bunch) over at have been digging around on the internet. What they found was a set of specifications on the Founder UMPC models. (Original specs were in Chinese, so translation may be a bit rough) Looks like there will be three models of the MiniNote UMPC: (VUM400-400) (VUM400-410) […]

Mi-Co forms, and a Tablet/UMPC User event!

– Mi-Co Corporation is no stranger to the Tablet PC and it’s capabilities. Their set of form design and processing applications is in use in many places. We received this note today from Barrett Joyner at Mi-Co, asking us to share information about a Tablet PC related event. Here is what Barrett asked us to […]

GPS accessory for Ultra-Mobile PC’s

– Pharos has released a new GPS receiver aimed squarely at Ultra-Mobile PC devices. “Introducing the Pharos iGPS-500, a powerful new GPS receiver designed to work with the groundbreaking new class of Microsoft Ultra Mobile PCs. As business becomes ever more global, the iGPS-500 will provide mobile professionals with advanced location and navigation capabilities as […]

Another UMPC introduction …

– PC World magazine is carrying news about still another Ultra-Mobile PC pending release on the market. Named the “SmartCaddie”, this one is from PaceBook Japan, but the details are pretty sketchy. The interesting thing about this particular model is the choice of processors, which is the same as the recently announced TabletKiosk V700. “PaceBlade […]

Sling Media Announces Support for new Ultra-Mobile PC

Warner points us to a press release from Sling Media, announcing its support for the UMPC. Now this is the kind of application the UMPC was built for. “The Ultra-Mobile PC represents an exciting new category of mobile devices and we are thrilled to be working with Microsoft to support this new product line,” said […]

Hands On / First Look at the V-700 Ultra Mobile PC

Today seems to be the day for news on TabletKiosks V-700 Ultra Mobile PC. / has published an exclusive hands on review of the V-700 UMPC. As to be expected with reviews on, there are plenty of pictures and specs ..check it out! is back up!

I just received an email from Tracy Hooten regarding They are having temporary issues with their domain name, but should be back up in the next day or so. That was quick – now you guys can get your fix! – Thanks for letting us know wwta.

Video overview of the Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC

Gizmodo has published a video review of Asus’ R2H Ultra Mobile PC (via JkOnTheRun). Looks like a very nice UMPC – love the built-in camera and the brushed metal look! Interesting to see the Asus rep using his car keys to navigate the screen. I wonder how long the screen will hold up like that….

JkOnTheRun has the details on the V-700 UMPC

JkOnTheRun has the technical specs (as provided by Martin Smekal)  on the V-700 Ultra Mobile PC by TabletKiosk. He also posts photos of the device, which confirms my earlier post about what the potential TabletKiosk UMPC would look like.

Craig, Neil, and Hugo talk Tablet PCs

You’ve got to love it when 3 Tablet PC enthusiasts get together and make their discussion public in this special edition of Talk’n Tablet Downunder. Listen in as Craig Pringle, Neil Roodyn, and Hugo Ortega discuss everything from pizza, the M400, Tablet PCs, and Vista.                

New Ultra Mobile PC web sites launch

We have a couple of new Ultra Mobile PC website launches to alert you about:  (run by is on the “slate” for a grand opening and has a couple of teaser articles. will also feature news, hardware, reviews, comparisions, accessories, and software news. Terri Stratton, fellow Tablet pc MVP, has launched a […]

OneNote 2007 and the Ultra Mobile PC

Chris Pratley posts on his blog about how OneNote 2007 is Ultra Mobile PC “ready” as he talks about the “minimal UI mode” OneNote 2007 has a new mode we currently call “minimal UI mode” (insert sexy name here). It’s designed to cut out distractions for when you really just want to take notes. Those […]

ISVs are stepping up to the plate

Lora posts another helpful entry on what developers can do right now to help position their company’s applications for the Ultra Mobile PC. I’m really looking forward to seeing these applications and how well they scale on the UMPC. I’m preparing to do an InkShow on an tablet pc application called TabletCalendar that would be a […]