1Password and iOS 8 Videos Show Keys to Safer iPhones


There are a couple of new videos that show how the new Extensions APIs in iOS 8 show how password managers like 1Password could allow users to take advantage of Touch ID and Share Sheets to more easily facilitate the use of harder to crack passwords for protecting their data. Watching the videos one gets […]

1Password for Android Makes it Easier to Keep Passwords Safe


We’re in a security and privacy conscious age with our online lives these days, there’s no doubt about it. To underscore the most important part of what that means, we’re each responsible for our our own data security and whatever online privacy level we’re comfortable with. Until someone comes up with a better system for […]

Change Your eBay Password after Cyber Attack

Ebay muss Faelschungen aus dem Angebot nehmen

This week’s change your password announcement comes to you from the Internet commerce site eBay. After a recent cyber attack, eBay, Inc is asking users today to change their passwords as a precaution. Apparently cyber attackers compromised what is being described as “a small number of employee log-in credentials.” Unfortunately, we all know the implications […]

1Password for iOS Discounted to $9.99 for Thanksgiving


If you’re an iOS user and still looking for a mobile security/password solution, you might want to take a look at 1Password. Normally 1Password for iOS sells for $17.99 but with a Happy Thanksgiving wish, the developer, AgileBits, has it on sale for $9.99. 1Password is a secure password locker that allows you to store […]

Tweetbot Adds Chrome, 1Password Browser Support

Tweetbot Chrome

A new update to Tweetbot gives users the option to open links in either the Chrome or 1Password browsers, giving users more choice over which browser they prefer to use. With the new update users can choose to open links in their timeline in any of the three browsers, and can even choose to open […]

Do LastPass Issues Point to Concerns Storing Passwords in the Cloud?


We’ve seen a number of cloud security related issues of late. Today’s company dealing with the issues is LastPass. Recently it was Amazon and Sony. Actually Sony still is dealing with the issues. LastPass, as we posted this morning, is dealing with a potential hack that might have compromised users passwords. I say might have, […]

1Password for Windows Passes Out of Beta to V1

1Password for Windows

1Password is an excellent password manager for the Mac platform. The Windows version has been in beta for awhile now, but that beta has ended with the release of version 1 of the software. Agile Web Solutions the makers of 1Password are giving users a chance to get $10 off in celebration of moving out […]