iOS 7 Jailbreak: Is iOS 7 Jailbroken Yet Fundraiser Gains Support

Activists hope a prize will spur a faster iOS 7 jailbreak release.

A new movement answers the common question, “Is iOS 7 jailbroken yet?” and gains support from well-known individuals who want to see an iOS 7 jailbreak release arrive to bring device freedom for software and to enable better accessibility options for disabled users. There is already one iOS 7 jailbreak in the works from the […]

Is the New Mac Pro Upgradable or Not?

Mac Pro

Phil Schiller took the stage for the October 22nd fall Apple announcement to provide the professional crowd more information about the upcoming Mac Pro release. While stunning in both design and performance, it has been criticized for its apparent lack of internal upgradability. Mr. Schiller did spend a large portion of his time talking about […]

How to Set Up Night Reading Mode for iPhone or iPad Screens


Night reading mode works great on apps for reading books, like the Kindle eBook app. But not all book apps include the feature. A night reading mode turns the screen’s background dark, while providing white or light-colored text. Users will want to do this when reading in a dark room, so that the backlit screen […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Big Home Update Brings Larger Icons


Samsung is prepping a software update for the company’s second generation flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II, which will deliver some new features to help with accessibility. The first feature of the update will be about accessibility and will help those who may have vision problems be able to see the home screen better. […]