Google Play Store Updated With Password Security & New Features


Google is always busy improving its applications on Android, and today the storefront for the hundreds of thousands of Android apps received a nice update. It’s loaded with new features, and some much needed security changes. Being the first update in over three months, today users are seeing a brand new Google Play Store on […]

Android Aims to Curb Malware with Google Security Services


Getting a virus or malware on your Android device isn’t nearly as easy, or as big of a concern as many media outlets claim it to be, but it is a problem. Being the biggest mobile OS on the planet, many shady characters and apps target Android. Introduced in Android 4.2 was a new piece […]

Google Bolsters Android Device Manager with Remote Locking and Erasing

android device manager

Users with devices running Google’s Android operating system can now remotely lock their device without having to install tools from third-party developers. While Google hasn’t formally announced the feature addition on its Android Blog just yet, it’s already available to users who head to the Android Device Manager webpage. Remote device lock and remote device […]

How To Set An Android Lock Screen PIN, Password or Unlock Pattern

How To Set Android Lock

Locking your Android smartphone with a password, PIN or unlock pattern is your first defense against those who would use it for malicious purposes like stealing your info or sending joke texts to your friends and family. Many people think that using a method like this just takes too long and makes turning on a […]