ZoomNotes for iOS: A New Digital Inking Contender


As all Digital Inkers know the quest for the perfect Digital Ink note taking App for the iPad is an ongoing one, filled with adventure along many roads that often lead to disappointment. There are some workable solutions out there and thankfully developers keep trying and innovating. A new App has come across my path […]

Bamboo Stylus Review

Pastebot 2011-06-21 11.20.18 AM

Over the weekend I posted about Bamboo Paper, an Inking and doodling App for the iPad, that Wacom is marketing along side its Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. I had recently ordered a Bamboo Stylus and it came in this morning. I like what I see and feel. I’ve used and tested quite a few […]

Wacom Unveils a Stylus for Capacitive Tablets

bamboo stylus

Ah, the dreaded stylus. Yes, that horrible input device that actually lets you write something legible on a capacitive screen without using your fingers. We’ve covered quite a few styli here that work with the iPad and other capacitive screens, but for various reasons they all seem to leave us wanting. Well, maybe Wacom might […]