Breffo Gumstick Stand is a Perfect iPhone & Galaxy Note 3 Stand

Vertical orientation is designed for watching movies.

Carrying an iPhone or Galaxy Note 3 means you always have access to movies, TV shows and an easy way to video chat with friends and family, but holding the device for hours on end is annoying and carrying a stand is cumbersome especially for a long trip. Enter the Breffo Gumstick a flat and […]

Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Android Accessories

Gelaskins Android Skin

There are as many Android smartphones as there are holidays in the last two months of the year. No matter which phone you have or which holiday you are celebrating, we have a list of top notch Android accessories that will give you or your gift recipient an awesome experience. Android phones don’t always enjoy the same […]

An Arachnid Like Approach to Tablet and Phone Stands from Breffo


Eesny weensy mobile gadgets occasionally need eensy weensy stands to help hold them in place. And Tablets do as well. The folks at Breffo have come up with a couple of stands for mobile gadgets that have enough legs to cling on to just about anything you might want them to cling on to. The […]

HTC Thunderbolt Car Mount – Breffo Spiderpodium

Breffo SpiderPodium In Car2

The HTC Thunderbolt is a new 4G LTE smartphone from Verizon which, thanks to Google Maps’ turn by turn directions and the Pandora Android app, is an awesome in car entertainment and navigation unit. Right now there is only one official car mount for the HTC THunderbolt, which charges the device, but requires that you […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 1

Kyocera Echo

Despite all of the April Fools jokes running wild on the Internet today, there is a lot of real notebook, tablet and smart phone news worth checking out. Notebook News For the Week of April 1st: We kicked off World Backup Day with a collection of deals on services and storage that will help you […]