ChevronWP7 for Windows Phone Shuts Down. What Does Future Proof Mean?


On Friday, the guys behind ChevronWP7 announced that the program is now officially over. Those that participated in this program to unlock our Windows Phone devices were actually part of a “Beta Test” apparently. The program was put in place to give us an easy way to unlock our Windows Phone device. While many users like […]

No more ChevronWP7 Tokens, No more legal Windows Phone unlocks


Happy New Years? As I was winding down to get into bed after 2012 dropped, I checked Twitter one last time and saw a very interesting tweet from @ChevronWP7. They announced via twitter that they only have 18 tokens left and that they won’t be restocking. What is ChevronWP7 and what are tokens? You can […]

How to unlock your Windows Phone 7 device


Let me start out saying that I am not a big fan of unlocking, rooting, and jailbreaking phones. It’s not that I see something fundamentally wrong with doing so, it’s just that I am lazy. I have jailbroken iPhones before and even rooted Android phones, but I am very simple and don’t normally need added […]

ChevronWP7 Jailbreaking Tool Removed for Official Homebrew Solution


Hackers and developers of the ChevronWP7, a Windows Phone 7 jailbreaking utility, had removed the tool and the solution is no longer available for public download. According to the developers behind ChevronWP7, the move was made since Microsoft had reached out to them to create an official solution to load homebrew apps. By removing the […]