Amazon May Finally Release Color Kindle E-Reader Thanks to Latest Acquisition


Amazon has confirmed that it had acquired the Liquavista business from Samsung, a move that could potentially allow the Internet retailer to finally launch an affordable color e-ink Kindle e-reader in due time. Samsung had not done much with Liquavista since it had acquired the company; it was rumored that color e-ink displays based on […]

Amazon Ready to Launch Color E-Ink Kindle Touch Readers?


Digitimes is reporting that Amazon has ordered color e-ink panels from E Ink Holdings. The 6-inch color e-ink panels could potentially make it into the next generation Kindle Touch e-readers, which would be the first e-ink readers from Amazon to feature a color display. Though Amazon has the Kindle Fire tablet, based on Google’s Android […]

E Ink Triton Brings Color to E-Readers, But Is It Ready for Primetime?


There are a number of screen display alternatives to LCD that is vying for the limelight, including Pixel Qi and Mirasol, both of which promises video, color, and sunlight readability in addition to long battery life when compared to LCD. In addition, there’s also E Ink Holdings, which is responsible for the E Ink screen […]

Color e-Ink Screens On The Horizon


We’ve seen Barnes & Noble announce a Nook with a color screen for its eBook Reader, but that’s an LCD display. Color e-Ink screens are the development that everyone is looking down the road for. Well, it looks like we might be seeing the first iteration of that. Although Amazon and Sony are still not […]