Softbank Leverages iPad Tablets to Foster Community Change

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There is an old proverb that if you give a man a fish you’ll feed him a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will be fed for life. In a pilot program, Japanese carrier Softbank, relatively unknown in the U.S. market and is also the parent of Sprint Corporation, is hoping […]

HTC is Blogging Now, Their Official Blog is Live


If you happen to check out the HTC job board on occasion, you would have noticed a lot of jobs pop up over the last year for social, community, and so forth. HTC has been hiring good friends of mine and others to build a better social media, community, and support team in the US and […]

Why I Chose the HTC Thunderbolt Over the Rest of Verizon’s Lineup


The HTC Thunderbolt is Verizon’s flagship 4G LTE Android smartphone and has been one of the most anticipated devices to arrive on the Verizon network, even doing battle with the iPhone. While there are upcoming devices with faster processors and higher resolution screens, I chose the Thunderbolt as my next smartphone, for at least the […]

Nokia’s IdeaProject to Spur App Innovation


In Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Nokia has announced IdeaProject, which is an Internet portal that will help connect entrepreneurs, idea-generators, developers, and other partners to help spur innovation and creativity in the mobile space. The idea behind IdeaProject, like Nokia’s motto, is to connect people. If you’ve got a great […]