Chrome’s Crash Happy Attitude is Getting Old

Chrome Aw Snap

Google’s Chrome browser has been the first thing I install on new computers, but the recent crashing, buggy behavior and juvenile ‘Aw, Snap’ error messages are pushing me towards Safari or FireFox. The last straw came this week when tab after tab in Chrome crashed throwing the , “Aw, Snap” error message that was funny […]

iPhone 4S Jailbreak Gone Bad: Bad Battery Life and Stability Issues

iPhone 4S Jailbreak crash

When the iPhone 4S jailbreak was released ast month I quickly jailbroke my iPhone. I’ve been looking forward to the iPhone 4S jailbreak since I bought the phone, but I was cautious about which jailbreak apps I installed, holding myself to a few of the best iPhone 4S jailbreak apps. In all I had about 5 jailbreak […]