iDEN Push-to-Talk Riding Off Into the Sprint Sunset at End of June


Users who are on the Sprint Nextel network and are using the iDEN side of things for push-to-talk will have until the end of June to migrate their service as Sprint will be shutting down the iDEN network on June 30th. iDEN’s push-to-talk had been a strong selling point for Nextel and new owner Sprint […]

32 GB Galaxy S3, Droid 4, Others Discontinued on Verizon


Verizon has just officially released a list of some smartphones that have now reached their end of life. These models are now discontinued from Verizon and the carrier will likely continue to sell through any remaining inventory before making way for new devices. Outbound There are two items on the list that are of note. […]

Sprint Laying Down Motorola Photon 4G to Rest Starting in April?


It looks like the Motorola Photon 4G, which is one of the most recent 4G WiMax devices to launch on Sprint’s Now Network and debuted on the carrier’s network last summer, will be marked as an EOL, or end of life, device. According to a leak obtained by Sprint Feed, Sprint may be laying the […]