Color e-Ink Screens On The Horizon


We’ve seen Barnes & Noble announce a Nook with a color screen for its eBook Reader, but that’s an LCD display. Color e-Ink screens are the development that everyone is looking down the road for. Well, it looks like we might be seeing the first iteration of that. Although Amazon and Sony are still not […]

Hanvon Touchpad Consumer Slate on Video


Hanvon’s Touchpad is now available in Europe for just under $1,000. Of course some Apple fanboys are already calling the Hanvon device an iPad ripoff, but we first saw a prototype of the Touchpad a year ago at IDF 2009, well before the iPad was announced. The Hanvon Touchpad B10 ships with Windows 7 Home Premium and comes […]

FFS: Better displays through FFS, capacitive touch, and EMR


According to a report out of Digitimes, E Ink Holdings, maker of e-ink displays, will increase production of their FFS (fringe filed switching) LCD panels. In addition, capacitive touch and electromagnetic (active) panels for their e-ink displays are in the works, and a partner will be showing off their color e-ink display later this year.

Windows 7 Slate vs. iPad on Video, What Will Consumers Choose?


Here’s a quick video comparing the Windows 7 experience on a consumer slate to the iPad. The slate in question is the Hanvon slate we first spotted at IDF 2009, which means Hanvon must’ve worked extra hard (maybe time traveled) to mimic the iPad’s design (I kid). Anyways, it’s not a surprise that the Hanvon […]

Poll: Where Are You Spending Your Tablet Allowance?


Apple’s iPad is being released in just a few weeks. There’s new news on Microsoft Courier. Heavy Tablet PC hitters Lenovo and HP have weighed in with updates to existing Tablet PCs that are top of the line. Hanvon and countless others are readying Tablets. They all cost money and their are still big unknowns […]