GBM Shortcut: Hands On With HP’s Mini 1000 6-Cell Battery

HP Mini 1000 6-cell battery compared to iPhone

Given a choice, I will always use a mobile computer that supports an extended battery over a regular battery. For me, the benefit of additional battery life outweighs the extra weight or thickness. When I saw that the 6-cell battery for HP’s Mini 1000 was 20% off, I decided to go ahead and order one. […]

HP Promises a Fix for Mini 1000 Webcam Woes

If you’ve been following the story of the HP Mini 1000 Webcam woes today, you’ll know that the first there was one video from GearDiary, then there wasn’t as HP apparently asked that it be taken down. Then our cohorts at posted up another video which we once again posted here. HP has contacted […]

HP Mini 1000 Webcam Fix Requires a Little Elbow Grease


When I won the HP Mini 1000 at CntrStg during CES 2009 I was excited and knew my wife was going to claim this Netbook the minute I got home, which she did. While I’ve worked with it a bit, I haven’t had my hands on it very much, so I never noticed this webcam […]

Deal of the Day: $50 Off + $10 Coupon for HP Mini 1000

Today’s features $50 off + $10 coupon for HP’s Mini 1000 and HP Mini 1000 Mi. Details below:

Deal of the Day: $50 Price Drop on HP Mini 1000

Today’s Deal of the Day highlights a $50 price drop on HP’s Mini 1000: HP Mini 1000 XP Edition $299.99 (was $349.99) HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition $279.99 (was $329.99) HP Mini 1000 WWAN Edition $$450 (was $499.99)

Deal of the Day: 15% off HP Mini 1000

Today’s Deal of the Day is 15% of HP’s line of Mini 1000: HP Mini 1000 XP Netbook $297.49 HP Mini 1000 Mi Netbook $280.49 HP Mini 1035NR 10.2″ Atom Netbook $382.49 HP Mini 1000 WWAN Mobile Broadband Netbook $424.99 HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Netbook $594.99 HP Mini 1010NR 8.9-inch Atom Netbook $297.49

Going Mobile with HP Mini 1000 Mi Was a Bust


My experiment with my wife and kids using the HP Mini 1000 Mi (or Mini Mi as it is frequently referred to) didn’t turn out quite well. After our visit to HawkQuest, my wife turned on the Mini Mi to begin importing some pictures, only to be met with a blinking cursor. We attempted several […]

Weekend Plans for the Mobile Warriors?

It has been a while since we’ve had a Weekend Discussion. I’m curious as to what the weekend holds in store for the mobile warrior readers of My plans include giving the HP Mini 1000 Mi to my kids and wife to use, and see what they think of this “consumer focused” netbook. Will […]

HP Mini 1000 Mi Not Available in the UK

Looks like all you Linux-loving Brits might be out of luck. Apparently, HP’s UK folks have decided not to make the Mini 1000 Mi Edition or a Linux based 2140 Mini-Note available in the UK. I’ll try to dig up more on this later today. Until then, head over to Update: I asked HP […]

Purchasing and Downloading Music With the HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition

So, I’m headed out to Starbucks to do some heads-down programming, and I thought I’d take the HP Mini 1000 Mi along, too. I thought it would be fun to download a few tunes since the Mini Mi has a nicely integrated music player, and since I’m mobile, I should probably do what some teenagers […]

Initial Impressions of HP’s Mini 1000 Mi Edition

HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition

I’ve been spending more time with HP’s Mini 1000 Mi Edition since yesterday and will offer up some video in the next day or so to go over the Mi Edition and explain in more detail some of the issues I’m experiencing. Until then, here are some initial impressions:

Setting Up The HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition


I have the pleasure of testing out HP’s new Mini 1000 Mi Edition (Mobile Internet Experience) over the coming weeks. I’m a total Linux newbie, so this should fun. HP’s goal of the MIE is that it shouldn’t really matter if you are a Linux newbie. The experience should be all about the internet, and […]