Don’t Toss Those Original iPad Cases Away Just Yet


*+-The SmartCover for the iPad 2 is certainly an attractive accessory and it looks like many folks are picking one up when they order or buy an iPad 2. I know I did. I actually ordered one of the poly versions and one of the leather versions. From the looks of things I’ll have my […]

Hot Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for the Week of March 4th


*+-Here is all the important notebook, tablet and smart phone news for the past week. Obviously coverage was dominated by the iPad 2 announcement, but we have a great collection of new videos and other news to share as well. Notebook News and How To’s from ASUS launched a few new gaming notebooks including naked eye 3D […]

Now About Those Fingerprints…


*+-It’s no secret that one of the ugly blights of touch computing has to be greasy, smudgy, ugly fingerprints. Touch a screen and you’re going to leave a mark of some kind. No one can keep their fingerprints that free of grease and grime. It just doesn’t happen. There are no real practical solutions for […]

InCase Power Slider For The iPhone 3G


*+-Batter power in the world of the iPhone 3G has been a hot topic since its release.  I normally don’t have too big of a problem making it a full day with Exchange Push and polling 2 POP accounts.  But, CES is coming soon and I’m sure that the GBM team will be using their […]