LG Marquee Hitting Boost Mobile for $280 Off-Contract

LG Marquee

While the LG Marquee isn’t a new phone, it is new to carrier Boost Mobile, which has announced that it will start carrying the Android smartphone starting January 23rd. The price? It’s going to be asking for $280 for the Marquee but that of course will come without the need for a new two-year agreement. […]

CTIA Fall 2011: Hands-On with Sprint LG Marquee (Video)


Sprint was showing off the LG Marquee, the carrier’s variant of the LG Optimus Black, at the Sprint Lounge located at CTIA in San Diego last week. The LG Marquee, unlike many high profile releases on Sprint, is a slim smartphone that operates on the carrier’s 3G CDMA/EVDO network rather than the faster 4G WiMax […]

Did Radio Shack Out the Sprint Marquee as the LG Optimus Black?


It has been speculated before that Sprint may be carrying the LG Optimus Black in its portfolio, and now there may be confirmation of that as a device was shown in a Radio Shack video that bears a striking resemblance to the LG device. Radio Shack‘s video showcases a device by the name of the […]