Vehicle Lock Prevents Distracted Driving


ORIGOsafe has created a new device that could easily be adopted by state and local governments a deterrent for people who text while driving. It’s been shown that texting while driving can make you more of a dangerous driver than a drunk driver. Right now, if you are cited for a texting while driving violation, […]

How to Lock the iPad to a Single App for Kid Mode

iPad kid Mode - Netflix for Kids

iOS 6 includes a new feature that lets parents lock the iPad to a single app so kids cannot open other apps, post to Facebook or delete apps from the iPad. The iPad is a popular tablet to hand to children for reading books, exploring virtual worlds or just watching a show on Netflix, but […]

Smart Cover Breaks iPad PassCode Locks on iPad 2

Smart Cover

Hold on to your iPad 2. Even if you PassCode lock your precious iPad, anyone with a Smart Cover can break in and access whatever you had up on your last use. This new security flaw comes days after we shared that Siri will allow users to access your contacts, send texts, set up reminders […]