How to Watch the 2015 NFL Draft Live on Android or iPhone


The smokescreens are starting to settle and all 32 teams are making the final preparations for the 2015 NFL Draft, which is just a few hours away, and here we’ll explain how to watch the draft live from Android, iPhone, or online. Will the Titans use that second round pick, or trade it away? We’ll […]

NFL Now Will Be Great For NFL Fans, Even on Mobile


This week the National Football League (NFL) announced plans to deliver a brand new NFL gameday experience to fans everywhere like never before. Finally embracing the digital age and taking mobile seriously, we’ll soon have a brand new NFL Now app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. NFL Now is for more than mobile devices, […]

How to Follow the NFL Draft on Your Phone


If you’re a passionate NFL fan, then you know the draft will start on Thursday, April 26 and continue through that weekend. You could sit in front of your TV and watch the coverage on ESPN or NFL Network, but you may not have time to do that for the entire draft. That’s where your […]

How to Watch The NFL Draft on Android, iPhone and iPad

NFL '11

In just a little under two hours, the NFL Draft will take place in New York. Many of you out there will not be able to plop down in front of a TV so that means that you’ll probably want to check in on the draft using a device, say, one using iOS or Android. […]

How to Watch The 2011 NFL Draft on Android

NFL Draft on Android

While we still have no idea if the NFL is going to have a season, the NFL Draft will still take place and Verizon has confirmed partnered with the NFL to bring exclusive live coverage of the Draft to Android devices. If you don’t already have it, the Draft is going to be covered on […]