Good Tips for Keeping a Writers Notebook

Any aspiring writers out there in GottaBeMobile land? DailyWritingTips, a blog I thoroughly enjoy, has some really good tips for keeping a writers notebook, which is an essential tool for collecting thoughts on that budding article, story, or novel. Of course, we highly recommend using Tablet PC tools like InkSeine, OneNote, Evernote, and others for […]

Workaround for ‘Send To OneNote’ Issue on Vista 64Bit

A short while ago word came down that there would not be a fix for those running Vista X64 machines for the missing Send to OneNote functionality until the next release of OneNote. Daniel Escapa of the OneNote team has posted a workaround that he uses that sort of kinda offers some help in the […]

New OneNote Tips and Tricks Blog

Already added to my RSS reader is the new OneNote Tips and Tricks Blog.  Starting off with an introduction and a tip, the blog was created by Jeff Cardon from the Microsoft OneNote Team. OneNote’s user base has been steadily increasing over the years. So I thought this would be a good forum to share […]

New King James Version for OneNote 2007 Available

In addition to the work I do at, I also have a side project I’ve headed up from the early days of Tablet PCs  –, which brings inkable Bible texts, and other popular texts, to the Tablet PC for free. In partnership with Nelson Bibles, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the […]

Mobile PCs don’t need or benefit from 64-bit Vista

There have been a couple of posts recently about lack of support for certain functionality in 64-bit Windows environments.  James Kendrick pointed out that the Send to OneNote feature is missing in the 64-bit version of the OS. GBM provided the bad news that there is not going to be a fix for the current […]

Microsoft Explains the OneNote Send-To 64 Bit Decision

Last week, I posted an update on the OneNote 2007 Send-To printer not being available on 64-bit OS, and the fact that Microsoft wouldn’t be releasing a 64-bit version of the printer until Office 14 releases. I wasn’t at liberty to go in to details, but David Rasmussen, the Group Program Manager for OneNote, just […]

OneNote 2007 Send-To 64-Bit Support? Not Coming

We received several inquiries from our readers to ask the Microsoft OneNote team about when 64-bit support would be coming for their Send-To printer in OneNote 2007. 64-bit support for the Send-To printer will not be coming until OneNote 14 releases to the public. There are no plans to address this with a patch or […]

Fix Available for Latitude XT / OneNote Bug

A bug irritating lots Latitude XT Tablet PC owners has been picking up quite a bit of steam in our forums (here and here). It revolves around some problems navigating OneNote notebooks, click tabs, and various windows within Outlook. Jason and Ilya, some OneNote developers, got a hold of a Latitude XT and decided to […]

Put Two OneNote Notes Side By Side

Dan over on the OneNote Blog put up a great tip last night that sometimes people tend to forget.  There are 2 features  up for discussion here: 1. Open note in new window 2. Show windows side by side. I’ve used this in the past to try and get my chicken scratch handwriting converted over […]

OneNote Functionality in Word 2008 for Mac

Hector Gomez, a GBM reader, has come up with cool way to use Word 2008 for Mac like OneNote. Open a new Word document and go to view and choose Notebook Layout and you get a notebook style on the view; you could also choose if you want the rings to show or not by […]

Pay it Forward Email Management – OneNote Notebook

It’s OneNote Notebook day today on, or at least you might think with the other post form Rob this morning. :) Email management has been something I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  One item that has helped me has been this OneNote notebook I found on the MSDN blogs network. This book […]

OneNote 2007 Training for the Beginner

The Office Online training team has just published a new training course designed to educate new users about OneNote 2007. In addition to the training course, there is a short quiz to make sure you know all the basics of this popular Tablet PC application. Check it out! ( via Michael Oldenburg and OneNote Extensibility […]

GBM InkShow: OneNote Favorites Powertoy

The OneNote Team has done it again, this time with another Powertoy.  This powertoy is a must have for any OneNote user, especially for somebody that has a bunch of different places they need to be quickly. In this InkShow I go over all aspects of the powertoy.  Starting out with a look at the […]

New OneNote Powertoy Come Monday

John is posting about another OneNote Power Toy – wonder what it could be…  what is that surprise??  Huh – it links back to our site…  I don’t think I have any idea what he’s talking about… :) We are all about secrets these days aren’t we… Technorati Tags: OneNote,PowerToys

GBM ShortCut: Wishing We Could Go Paperless in the Audition Biz

Paper, paper, paper. There just seems to be no way to get away from stacks of pictures and resumes when it comes to auditioning actors and keeping track of which ones we’re interested in. I try to do so, but there are just to many layers and things move too quickly to be efficient with […]

On The Road 2008: Heading To Auditions

Here comes a crazy mobile week. The big trip this week is to head to Memphis for auditions at the UPTA conference. That’s a 5 day conference where we will audition over 600 actors and then interview about 200 or so for possible jobs in our next season which begins in June. More on that later. […]

21 Cool OneNote Add-Ins

Checkout this list of some pretty cool and productive OneNote add-ins, all courtesy of Microsoft’s John Guin and the OneNote Test Team. Wow! I’ve got some serious playing to do this weekend in OneNote. I had no idea they had released so many.   Migrating to OneNote: 1. Journal import 2. Text File Importer 3. […]

2008 Predictions: Warner’s Take

Here’s my take, hunches, best guesses, and coin flips for 2008. Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) will dominate the conversation for the first half of the year. What happens in the 2nd half is anybody’s guess. Call it Ultra-Mobile PC, call it UMPC, call it Origami. Call it what you will, but by the end of […]

2008 Calendar Notebook for OneNote

If you use OneNote a lot, then having a calendar at your fingertips can be really handy.  Now you can have that feature by downloading a 2008 Calendar Notebook from Office Online that is ready to go!  This isn’t only for those using OneNote 2007 either, there are also 2008 Calendar Notebooks for OneNote 2003.  […]

GBM InkShow: Capturx

What’s this? A Tablet PC/UMPC digital Inking fanatic reviewing a pen and paper solution for note taking? Bear with me here. Capturx by Adapx is a very intriguing Digital Ink solution. Yes, it does use specially treated paper in note books (and other media) and a special pen to capture those notes, but what is […]