LastPass Review

Read our LastPass review to find out why this is our favorite password manager.

With LastPass you will never forget another password, waste precious time thinking up a secure password that you can remember or dealing with all the hassles of passwords that get in the way of using the websites and services that we need to visit each day. LastPass is a password manager that keeps your passwords […]

A Nightmare Story About Being Hacked: UPDATED

Internet Security

When I was just starting school eons ago it was still in the era of drills that required us to get under our desk in the event of a nuclear attack. The fear (or not) of nuclear armageddon was just something we lived with, just like the stocked up shelter my dad had built in […]

Turn on AutoFill for iPhone to Speed Up Browsing


Instead of keeping passwords and usernames in a note on the iPhone or scribbled in an old Notebook, which is a terrible habit, why not tell the iPhone to remember them. Who can actually remember all of their 12 character passwords with special symbols that Facebook, Twitter and almost every other website require? With the […]

LinkedIn Loses 6.5M Passwords, What You Need to do Today

LinkedIn Passwords

LinkedIn lost 6.5 million passwords to a group of hackers this week, giving us another reason to not use the same password on multiple sites. LinkedIn is investigating the leak and taking action on accounts that may have been compromised, but if you use LinkedIn it’s a good time to go pick a new strong […]

How to Secure Your iPhone With a Complex Passcode

How to Secure Your iPhone With a Complex Passcode

Many of you who own an iPhone probably have, at the very least, a simple numerical password set up on your device. And for most of you, this works at preventing prying eyes from getting into your personal effects. However, maybe you’re in need of something more secure, something a little more heavy duty to […]

Do You Password Protect Your Smartphone?

A lot of people that wouldn’t have dreamed of using smartphones a few years ago are now iPhone, Blackberry and WinMo users. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with my less geeky friends and family members though- almost none of them have set passwords to prevent unauthorized access. This is a pretty risky move considering how […]

GBM Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Password?


The other day I dropped a computer off at the local repair shop because it was under warranty.  After verbally asking for my contact information and email address, the attending technician asked, “What’s the password on this machine?”  I answered audibly, without considering who was around me.  There were at least two other people within […]