5 Reasons Why Guys Should Use Pinterest


Pinterest isn’t just a site for craft ideas and motivational sayings, it’s an un-ending resource of cars, tech, manly cooking and travel that offers more than enough reasons for guys to use Pinterest. Pinterest is a fast-growing social network where people find pictures, videos or websites they like and “pin” them to a board that […]

100 iPhone Apps to Supercharge Your New iPhone


Here’s a list of 113 iPhone apps that will help you have fun, take better photos, be productive, manage a business or personal finances, chase storms (or avoid them) and much more. Like many of you, I am attached to my iPhone. Not only am I an automotive technology writer for this site, but I […]

Pinterest for Android Finally Hits Android Phones & Tablets

Pinterest for Android

Pinterest for Android is finally available in the Google Play store for most Android smartphones and tablets, including the Nexus 7. After a slew of fake ad-pushing Pinterest for Android fakes, and more than a year of waiting since the Pinterest iPhone app, Android users can now pin with reckless abandon. Pinterest is a free […]

Don’t Download Pinterest for Android

Download Pinterest for Android and Get Ads

“Looking for Pinterest Android application? Download Now!” brags the first search result for Pinterest for Android, but the only thing this app will pin is ads to the Android notification bar. Just like the last app claiming to be Pinterest for Android, Faster Pin, is not the official Pinterest Android application. The fake Pinterest app […]

Pinterest for Android Pins Spam to Your Notification Bar

Pinterest for Android

Pinterest for Android is a poorly designed app, but worse than lots of crashing, it also brings along spam ads that are known to be full of tricks and potentially scams. In case you aren’t aware, Pinterest is the latest social media craze, providing users with a fun way to pin, or share, their favorite […]