New Plastic HTC One Leaks for the US


Earlier this year the new flagship HTC One M8 was released with an all aluminum unibody shell, replacing the original HTC One from 2013. It’s a stunning phone that’s considered one of the best devices currently available today, but is also heavy and rather expensive. We gave the HTC One M8 an Editors’ Choice award […]

3 New HTC One M8 Details Leak


The all-new HTC One M8 is finally on shelves and available across the country from all major US carriers, but that hasn’t stopped new details and leaks from arriving. In fact, over the past few weeks multiple new details have emerged. Here we take a look at three brand new and important post-launch details regarding […]

Galaxy S5 May Borrow Note 3 Tech to Slim Down

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with metal design.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may arrive with a slimmer design thanks to a new method of integrating antennas which Samsung used on the Galaxy Note 3 as one of the methods of shrinking the thickness of the large smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the name given to Samsung’s next flagship smartphone that multiple rumors […]

Why Case-Less iPhone Users Should Opt for the iPhone 5C Over iPhone 5S


Despite its use of plastics, which is often considered a less premium material than aluminum or metal in design, the iPhone 5C shows that it could survive scratches and more harsh conditions better than the flagship iPhone 5S. Given what we¬†think we know about both phones, the iPhone 5C will utilize a unibody polycarbonate rear […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumored with Familiar Plastic Design

Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature Galaxy S3 plastic design

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will use the same plastic design as the Galaxy S3 according to Russian analyst¬†Eldar Murtazin who claims to have seen the Galaxy S4 in person at Mobile World Congress last week. Rumors indicated that Samsung would be showing off the Galaxy S4 back in January, which were later dismissed. While Samsung […]

What Smartphone Manufacturers Can Learn From Ford Motor Co.


While automotive and smartphone industries seem like separate entities with few common shared spaces except for infotainment synchronization with phones, there are lots of advancements in materials research at Ford Motor Company that could be applied to smartphones. One of the key areas that Ford is pushing forward is eco-friendly, and the company has marked […]

HTC to Utilize Hybrid Metal-Plastic Case for Smartphones


The latest report from DigiTimes suggests that Chenming Mold Industrial has secured a contract with smartphone-maker HTC to produce a new plastic-metal chassis for a new upcoming HTC phone. The new metal-plastic housing would bring the best features from both materials. For instance, it would have the strength of metal, but at the same time […]