Pebble Drops Prices and Adds Fitness Tracking

pebble steel apps

The Pebble Smartwatch didn’t create the smartwatch market, but the popular Kickstarter campaign did popularize the market and likely kicked off the current craze of smartwatches from big names like Apple, Samsung, LG and Motorola. Pebble makes a simple yet feature-rich smartwatch that brings useful notifications and the ability to run some great apps all on […]

Apple Offers Credit for iPad mini Price Drop

The iPad mini price is cheaper, and Apple is offering a refund.

Apple announced the iPad mini 2 today and a $30 price drop for the original iPad mini. The iPad mini price drop is live on Apple now and reflected in Apple Stores as well. Apple Customer Support tells Gotta Be Mobile that users who recently purchased an iPad mini from Apple can call customer service […]

Microsoft May Have Just Hit a Sweet Spot With the Surface Tablet


Despite customer confusion between the Windows RT and Windows 8 version of the operating system and accompanying hardware, lackluster sales, and heavy competition from Apple and Google’s Android, Microsoft may have finally found a sweet spot with its Surface RT tablets. Due to slow sales and what some would call underwhelming demand for its Surface […]

Nook Color Gaining Hulu Plus and a $50 Price Drop to Fight Kindle Fire

Nook Color gets Hulu

The Nook Color isn’t going to the clearance bookshelf to make way for the Nook Tablet. Rather, Barnes and Noble is giving it a price drop and new features so that it can go head to head with the Kindle Fire. Right after we saw leaked specs and details for the Nook Tablet, Android Central shares a document […]

Nintendo 3DS: Weak Games + High Price = Poor Sales

The 3DS' launch lineup may as well have included this message

If you need proof that apps can make or break a hardware platform, look no further than the Nintendo 3DS. The device was hotly-anticipated by gamers for the better part of a year before its launch. But it has fizzled in sales. Today the weak launch became official, as the Wall Street Journal tells us […]