PlayStation Now Beta Brings Exciting Feature to the PS3

PSNow Beta details

For the better part of a year, it’s been Sony’s PS4 that’s gotten all the attention. This week, Sony is giving users of its last generation PS3 video game console something to cheer for. This morning the company officially added its PlayStation Now video game streaming service to the PS3, giving owners of the console […]

Xbox One vs PS4: What Still Matters When Picking a New Console

Comparing PS4 vs Xbox One? Here are seven things buyers need to know.

Often times it seems like Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console and Sony’s PS4 gaming console are pretty similar. In some ways that matter they aren’t. After announcing a higher price for the Xbox One, Microsoft has spent the last five or six months throwing out everything we knew about its vision for the Xbox One. […]

Sony To Fix Broken PlayStation 3 Firmware on June 27

PlayStation 3

Next week Sony will issue an update that will fix the problems caused by PlayStation 3 firmware 4.45 earlier this week. Recently Sony announced that it would issue an updated version of firmware 4.45 on June 27. The new update will solve an issue that bricked many PlayStation 3 consoles this week. Sony claims the firmware […]

PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.45 Bricks Some Consoles

PlayStation 3

Last night Sony issued a firmware update for the PlayStation 3 that caused issues with some consoles, forcing Sony to pull the update. PlayStation 3 firmware 4.45 was to bring some new trophies options to the PlayStation 3, giving gamers the option to turn off notifications of when they received a trophy. Instead, many gamers […]