Under a Week to Go Until Nokia Unveils ‘Market Disrupting Device’

Nokia Connection 2011

Nokia is slated to take the stage at Nokia Connection on June 21st–and no, we have confirmed with Nokia representatives that the event will not be replacing Nokia World as previously was speculated over at My Nokia Blog–to announce a ‘new market disrupting device.’ It’s unclear if the reference is made towards a new Nokia MeeGo device, […]

Elop Says Nokia is Putting All Its Eggs Into One Windows Phone 7 Basket


Around the time of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership where the companies announced that Nokia would eventually phase out its Symbian smartphone develop in favor of fully integrating Windows Phone 7, rumors were swirling about a speculated Plan B in the event that this doesn’t pan out. Now, in a CNBC interview, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, a […]

Nokia Continues to Evaluate the Tablet Market


In the past, Nokia has said that it will only enter the tablet market if it could bring some innovation to that segment, and that message has been reiterated at least twice this week by CEO Stephen Elop in two separate technology gatherings in Southern California. Prior to the Dow Jones-hosted All Things D conference […]

It’s not a Trojan Horse if you can see the Trojans


Over the weekend at 2011 Mobile World Congress, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was asked straight out if he was a “Trojan Horse”, i.e., if he joined Nokia with the intent of subverting it with the partnership to his old company, Microsoft. “The obvious answer,” he said, “is no.” But that’s not the whole answer.