Google’s Original ‘Google Phone’ Revealed

Original 'Google Phone' Revealed

Long before there was the T-Mobile G1 or the Nexus, there was a device dubbed the ‘Google Phone’ which Google actually presented to carriers two years before the G1 hit shelves. Dug up by The Verge, the device resembles a portrait QWERTY, although the exact specifications regarding the device are unknown. It appears that Google […]

T-Mobile is ready with HSPA+ 3G network- Go Speed Go!


T-Mobile is not usually the carrier one talks about when it comes to updating their networks.  T-Mobile was one of the last to upgrade to 3G from their EDGE service.  Well, it was better late than never. As a loyal T-Mobile customer (I have been with them since they were Voicestream over 8+ years ago), […]

T-Mobile G1 not seeing Android updates


It seems the critics of the T-Mobile G1’s limited on-board memory nailed this one on the head. Per a bevy of sources, Android and Me being the most complete I’ve found (they even have charts), the tight on-board storage on the T-Mobile G1 will prevent it from upgrading to new versions of the Android OS. […]

Is Bar Code Scanning in Your Future?


Interesting post on ReadWriteWeb about retail stores not grasping what appears to be a coming wave of customers using applications on mobile phones to do price checking via bar code scanning apps. The T-Mobile G1 has an application that apparently (I haven’t tried the phone or the app) does it up right. Shop Savvy will […]