Apple Making Bigger iCar Push With Automotive Job Postings


New automotive-centric job posting may indicate that Apple is making a bigger push into the telematics space and potentially deliver a vision of its iCar. Before his passing, Apple co-founder and late CEO Steve Jobs had dreamed of re-inventing the automotive space and challenging Detroit, and it looks like Jobs’ larger iCar vision is being […]

This Self-Driving iCar Was Not Designed By Apple

Video thumbnail for youtube video This Self-Driving iCar Was Not Designed By Apple

Researchers have built a self-driving car where the driver is none other than Apple’s iPad tablet. Unfortunately, though, this iCar concept is not built, designed, or made by Apple, but is part of a research program on self-driving autonomous vehicles at Oxford University in England. But unlike otherĀ self-driving cars, like those developed by Google, the […]

AT&T to Make GM Cars Smarter in 2015

Video thumbnail for youtube video AT&T to Make GM Cars Smarter in 2015

At Mobile World Congress, U.S. wireless carrier AT&T has announced that it is partnering with General Motors to deliver wireless LTE connectivity to cars. The deal would bring 4G wireless connectivity to GM brands like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac for the 2015 models, which will arrive later in 2014 in the U.S. The deal […]

Clarion Mirage Brings Android to Your Dash


While there are nice mounts for tablets should you wish to use your slates for GPS navigation or as a portable music and Internet radio for your car trips, Clarion is hoping to create a more integrated solution with its Mirage in-dash solution. At this time, the Mirage is targeted as a native in-dash solution […]