Latest HP Spectre, ENVY Ultrabooks Adds Touch Technology

Left Facing Tilt

Along with having introduced the hybrid ENVY x2 convertible tablet running on Windows 8, HP also introduced two new ultrabook models adding the company’s TouchSmart touchscreen technologies. While slim and powerful, these ultrabooks differ from the ENVY x2 in that the display is not detachable. Rather, users have the option of controlling the HP Spectre […]

HP Tablets, TouchSmart PCs on Cable TV


HP’s promoting tablets and touch computing during the upcoming season of Project Runway. It’s not a show I watch, but it’s nice to see that at least one PC company is putting in some extra effort promoting Tablet PCs and touchscreen computing to consumers. HP will be promoting the TouchSmart tm2 convertible tablet and its […]

Thinix Touch UI for Windows


If you’re looking for a better Windows touchscreen experience you should check out Thinx Touch v6. According to Thinix, the software “allows users to transform their computer devices into Easy-to-Use,¬†Finger-Driven Appliances.” Earlier this week Brett Gilbertson wrote a great article about why Windows is just fine for touch. Thinix Touch v6 is an example of […]

Windows 7 everywhere, But Barely a Screen to Touch

We have been hearing a lot about all the new touch-enabled PCs coming to market in tandem with Windows 7, but you’ll have to look far and wide if you want to try one out for yourself. I spent most of the weekend touring computer retailers in New York and Washington DC and touch was […]

Video Demos of New HP TouchSmart Apps, Touch Interface

I met up with HP in San Francisco to check out some new PCs and talk about touch computing. Just about every PC vendor seems to be jumping on the touch bandwagon thanks to Windows 7, but what are users going to actually do with all this multi-touch goodness? HP provided several interesting demos, but […]

TouchSmart Desktop for $679


I was just coming through my email and saw that is selling factory refurbished HP Pavilion Touchsmart PC desktops for $679.99, which is about half off the original price. It doesn’t have top of the line specs compared to the latest Touchsmarts, but who can argue with a 22″ multi-touch display for this price? […]

Touch Computing Helps Autistic Kids Speak

Last week I went to Tweetup organized by the Technologizer team and spent the evening talking about technology. We started talking about tablets and touch computing and one of the HP employees in attendance told us about a very innovative school in Silicon Valley. Hope Technology school is using TouchSmart PCs and other to help […]

Can Hip-Hop Bring Touch Computing Mainstream?

Touch computing is still a relatively geeky subject, which is why I was somewhat surprised to see the HP TouchSmart featured in a new Black Eyed Peas video. I’m not sure if this is a paid product placement or not, but it did get me thinking about how influential hip-hop artists are and whether one […]

Catching Up With David Arpino, Our HP Magic Giveaway Winner

I always love a contest that has such positive outcomes – our HP Magic Giveaway contest from last year being a perfect example. Just yesterday I received an email from David Arpino, the contest winner, updating me with how he’s using the TouchSmart and how the Restoration House Projection is continuing to use their HP […]

My Son Loves the HP TouchSmart

HP TouchSmart PC

My son and I unpacked the HP TouchSmart, and I have to say that it was the best out of box experience I’ve ever had. I should have filmed the boot-up process – totally touch and very, very cool. HP nailed the experience. My son has been messing around non-stop with the TouchSmart ever since […]

HP Announces the TouchSmart tx2 Multi-Touch Tablet PC


We now have two multi-touch tablet pcs on the market, with HP bringing the first consumer-focused multi-touch tablet pc, the TouchSmart tx2. The tx2 sports an N-Trig capacitive touch digitizer. Complete specs, pictures, press release, tx2 spec datasheet, picture of the notebook stand, and a description of supported gestures are all after the break. Be […]