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You Need These 10 Must Have Car Features: Find Out Why



360 Degree Camera

360 Degree Camera

A backup camera is pretty standard by now, and it's useful, but a 360 degree camera that gives you a bird's eye view is way better. This feature uses four or more cameras to show you a top down look at your car so you can see your surroundings. It's an awesome way to avoid bumping into the curb, a closely parked car or a power line while navigating a tight spot. 

The IIHS reports that a rear view camera reduced back up crashes by 40% for drivers over 70 years old, and a 360 camera should provide even more help while backing out and navigating tight spaces. 

On most of these systems you will see a top down view while backing up, but there is also often a camera button that you can touch to turn them on while slowly driving forward or while trying to see traffic when your view is obstructed. 

This is still a upgrade on most cars, and it is often packaged in with other features into a convenience or technology package. 

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