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You Need These 10 Must Have Car Features: Find Out Why



Intelligent Key & Push Button Start

Intelligent Key & Push Button Start

Keyless entry is nice, but leaving your key in your pocket while being able to lock, unlock and start your car is even better. 

With intelligent key systems you can keep your key in a pocket or in your purse and simply grab the handle or push a small button on the door handle to unlock the car. There is also a button or a second press to lock the car door when you leave. 

Once you are inside the car, you can push a button to start the car. The same button stops the car and the key is in your pocket the whole time. The system is incredibly convenient and when we have to use a car without it, the need for this option is even more clear. 

You will find this on most new cars and trucks, though you may need to be above a base level trim with some options. Chevy does not yet offer this on the Silverado, despite most competing trucks offering the feature. 

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