GBM Shortcut: Intel UrbanMax Innovation Platform

I got an opportunity to talk about the Intel UrbanMax to Patrick Lynch, the marketing manager for the platform. In this short video clip you can see the UrbanMax in action. The innovation platforms are used to both showcase Intel’s vision of where mobile computing is going, as well as show a production-ready design that […]

Intel Prepping Some SSDs – Fast Ones At That!

At IDF Intel announced that they are going to be releasing some SSDs to the masses in the next month.  They are going to be available in two different sizes – 1.8 and 2.5 inch.  These seem to be a little special because of their data read transfer rates coming in at an amazing 250MBps.  […]

Chippy and Jeff Moriarty Check out the MIDs at IDF

Jeff Moriarty, Intel Atom and Mobility Developers Community Manger and Steve ““Chippy” Paine from UMPCPortal check out the MIDs in the MID Tornado and some other ultra-portables at IDF. Very good video viewing. Technorati Tags: MIDs,IDF,Intel

GBM Podcast#57: Truc Revs Up

New GBM Team member, Truc Bui, is revving up to produce some great content here for (not to put any pressure on or anything) and I’m excited to see what he comes up with. I’m especially excited to see his Back To School InkShows. Want to know what he’s thinking? Give a listen to […]

That Mystery Tablet? Pansonic Aims For the Medical Field

No real suprise here. The big mystery surrounding the mystery Tablet PC that was teased at IDF yesterday, is actually a Panasonic model aimed at the medical field. Interesting that sites and blogs picking up on this are saying that they are disappointed in this news, given that the medical field (and other verticals) are […]

OQO Says Atom at IDF Isn’t a Product Announcment

OQO users got excited yesterday when word came from IDF that Intel was showing off an OQO running the Atom processor, but hang on just a second. OQO’s Dennis Moore is saying in the OQO forums that this isn’t a product announcment. Folks — Yes, indeed, that is an OQO prototype shown with an Intel(r) […]

UMPC Sunlight Shootout

I hope Jenn at Pocketables brought along some sunscreen. She took a raft of UMPCs and ultra-portables out into the sunlight to see which one(s) had the best outdoor viewability. She’s given us a range of pictures to compare and contrast.    

What Is This Tablet PC?

Hopefully Sierra will be able to find out some more info on this mystery Tablet PC (or is that Intel’s Classmate PC?) tomorrowat IDF. She certainly rocked IDF with her coverage today. Certianly looks very interesting.   Tags: Tablet+PC, IDF

GBM Back to School Tip: Mosquito Ringtones

As an educator in the United States public school system, I am noticing that students are using technology to socialize more than ever.  Text messaging, e-mailing, MySpace, Facebook and cell phones are a few high-tech ways that students stay on top of gossip and often find their way to the principal’s office.  Mosquito ringtones, also […]

OQO to use Intel Atom

It looks like the same OQO form factor, but now it runs an Atom. That sounds cool to me! I saw it on stage during the mobility keynote, and Steve “Chippy” Paine over at UMPCPortal got a picture. Check it out! Technorati Tags: OQO,Atom

Intel Unveils UrbanMax Concept

Intel just announced and released a new concept / innovation platform codenamed the UrbanMax. A slate styled convertible laptop, this is a very unique concept. It reminds me in some ways of the HP TC1100 (of blessed memory…) with its sliding keyboard and tilting screen, although it is much more powerful than the TC1100 was […]

HP Elitebook 2530p Photos

While I tried to stop drooling over the beautiful HP Compaq 2730p Tablet PC, I spotted the new HP Elitebook 2530p. For people who need a small, light, powerful notebook, the Elitebook 2530p should be at the top of the list. With a host of options designed to give the end-user the potential to optimize […]

HP Compaq 2730p Photos

I got an opportunity to see the new HP Compaq 2730p close and personal today. In one word – WOW! As you all know, I really like my HP Compaq 2710p, but I have to admit that it wasn’t a perfect system. HP has listened to the user feedback on the 2710p and made some […]

IDF MID Image Gallery From UMPC Portal

Chippy from UMPC Portal is at the IDF Conference.  He has put up a bunch of pictures on his site.  Look for more from him soon, even some videos from the show of these MIDs.  Click the image to the right to see the full list of MIDs that are supposed to be at the […]

HP Releases the 2530p Notebook

Looking for a small 12inch mobile companion?  That’s really thin??  Check out this new offering form HP, it looks like a real winner.  JK has some information on the unit including a built in web cam, LED screen and even the option to have an internal optical drive!

Attending Intel Developer Forum

This week I’m at the Intel Developer Forum to see what Intel is up to – particularly with the MIDs and netbooks. Looking at the classes that are going to be offered, there’s a strong focus on ultra-portable computing solutions. Expect to hear more as the conference continues… If you are at IDF, drop me […]

Solar Powered Tie to Power Gadgets

I would say that this would be great for one of the GBM Team members, but I guess I will just take a stab at myself – cause that person in the image has a striking resemblance…  This one is truly for the mobile gadget power lover!!  Keep your gadgets powered up with this new […]

Another Set of Eee PCs Released

They people over at SlashGear have some specs and information about the new round of Eee PC’s that seem to be released each week these days…  This set is a group of XP Eee’s, Yep that means they are running Windows XP.  No information on if these are going to be released here in the […]

Updates on Maggie Bushway

This is a brief update on Maggie Bushway. Rob, Kathi, Maggie, and the entire Bushway family are very grateful for the well wishes and comments folks in the community are passing along during this very difficult time.  Maggie is now at St. Louis Childrens Hospital and is undergoing some very rigorous and aggressive procedures to try […]

Lenovo’s IdeaPads Hit the FCC

No one wants to be left out in the great NetBook craze, and certainly Lenovo is no different. Lenovo’s S9 and S10 NetBooks are now listed in the FCC database, which of course means things are moving forward. That’s a good thing as I do believe these are supposed to be going up for sale in […]