Samsung’s Need for Speed: Galaxy S5 May Match iPhone 5s’ Raw Performance


It’s speculated that Samsung will choose the Consumer Electronics Show in early January to announce two new processors that will appear in the company’s upcoming flagship phones and tablets to take on Apple’s best. The company is now believed to be announcing an Exynos 6 processor along with a beefier Exynos S CPU, the latter […]

Qualcomm Employee: Apple’s 64-Bit A7 “Hit us in the gut”


When Apple introduced its 64-bit A7 chip for the iPhone 5s it claimed that this made the iPhone 5s the most “forward-looking” smartphone on the market. We still don’t know how far forward we might be looking with the A7, but according to reports a Qualcomm employee the news of the 64-bit chip “hit us […]

A Tale of Two iPads: Comparing the iPad Air and the iPad 4

iPad Air and iPad 4 comparisons

Comparisons are the name of the game in mobile tech. Products get compared, sometimes when they aren’t even in the same gadget category. Those with insatiable appetites for new shiny gadgets devour every word, every benchmark, and well everything they can get their eyeballs on to see what’s what about what’s new. This is certainly […]

iPhone 6 to Come With Intel Inside?


The processor on the next iPhone could be manufactured by Intel. While the A7S or A8 processor or whatever Apple will name it will still be designed by the Cupertino, California iPhone-maker, the processor could potentially be manufactured and produced by Intel in a new agreement between Intel and ARM. According to a report on Forbes, Intel is […]

iPhone 5S’ One More Thing Feature: Motion Tracking Technology


Hallmark of Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs’ keynote presentations is his hidden one more thing reveal that adds to the appeal of Apple’s products. This year, that one more thing could be motion tracking technology after the fact that the new fingerprint scanner is now a widely anticipated feature that’s been thoroughly leaked and hyped. […]

iOS 7 Beta Reveals More iPhone 5S Details

The iPhone 5S could use aSamsung made Apple A7 processor, based on information in the iOS 7 beta.

The iOS 7 beta is full of information about the rumored iPhone 5S, revealing code for a Fingerprint reader and now possibly showing details about the Apple A7 processor that will likely début inside the iPhone 5S this fall, including a surprising partnership. The iPhone 5S will likely use a new Apple A7 processor, which […]

iPhone 6: More Apple Control, Less Samsung

Intel may begin making Apple A7 processors, which may end up in the iPhone 5S.

A new set of iPhone 6 rumors claims Apple is further cutting ties with Samsung, and could save the rumored Apple A7 processor for the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is a possible name for Apple’s next, next iPhone — one that could launch in 2014 with a new design and many more features than […]

Intel Rumored to Make 10% of Potential iPhone 5S Chips

Intel may begin making Apple A7 processors, which may end up in the iPhone 5S.

Apple is likely hard at work on the iPhone 5S, and a new rumor indicates that Apple may partner with Intel to produce some of the Apple A7 processor chips that are rumored for the next iPhone. At this time, Intel is only rumored to receive 10% of the total production of the Apple A7 processor, but […]

Apple’s Next-Gen A7 Processor May Not Be Made by Samsung


While Apple and Samsung have been known recently as bitter competitors with heavy lawsuits against each other, the two companies do have business relationships where Samsung is a major component supplier to Apple for its products, including memory, processors, and displays. However, as competition heats up in the mobile space where Samsung’s Galaxy Player music […]