Siri Mac Support Teased in New Apple Patent


Siri has become a staple on iOS devices, but soon it could be coming Mac to give OS X users the same conveniences, according to a new patent application. OS X already has a nifty dictation feature where you can talk out and loud and your Mac will convert it to text. However, it could […]

Apple Applies for Bluetooth LE Network-Sharing Patent for iWatch

Apple iwatch Render - 6

Apple has filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (via AppleInsider) that consists of an idea dealing with a wireless network sharing technology that uses low-power Bluetooth instead of WiFi. This feature would be of great use in a smartwatch, which is perhaps what Apple is planning to do with its rumored […]

Stunning iPhone 6 Concept Brings Apple Patent to Life (Video)

This iPhone 6 concept shows a wrap around display based on an Apple patent.

The latest iPhone 6 concept features a wrap around display and several amazing features, but it’s not based on science fiction — it’s based off of an Apple patent. That’s right, the iPhone 6 concept shown in the video below is brought to life from drawings and details that came straight from Apple labs. Apple […]

Apple Patents Method For Reselling Digital Goods

Apple resale patent

A new Apple patent could let users resell or loan their digital music, movies, TV shows and books. According to Apple Insider Apple’s patent details a method for letting users resell their digital goods to other users, making it possible for users to buy and sell “used” digital items. In the patent Apple users can […]

iPhone 5S Features if Apple Patents Come to Life

eInk iPhone 5S

Apple is undoubtedly working on the iPhone 5S, a new iPhone with a 2013 release date that is likely a refresh, but by looking through Apple patents we get an idea about what kind of technology Apple wants to put into future iPhones. It’s unlikely that Apple can add a transparent display in the iPhone 5S, […]

Apple Patent Shows Smarter iPad Smart Cover With Flexible Displays

Apple iPad Smart Cover with Flexible Display patent

A newly revealed Apple patent shows the company at one point considered putting flexible displays in the Smart Cover on the iPad to make the cover even smarter. According to Engadget, the patent shows an iPad Smart Cover that can display information such as apps or notifications. The device would connect to a special connector […]

Apple Plans MacBook Logins With Invisible Ink on iPhones and iPads

iPhone Digital Handshake Patent

As a sunset frames the Golden Gate Bridge, a young man sits down in front of a lone MacBook Air, flashes the back of his iPhone at the camera and gains access to his password protected files. The next James Bond movie with Apple product placement? Nope, it’s how you might log into a future MacBook Air […]